Can Car Insurance Companies Find Out About an Accident If No Police Report Was Filed?

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You aren't required to report an auto accident to your insurer if there are no injuries and the damage is minimal. In fact, if the damage caused is worth less than your deductible, you may save money by paying for it yourself. While you're not legally obligated to report the new dent in your fender, your insurance company may find out about it anyway and it could affect your rates.

Accident Detection

If a police report was filed, either by you or the other driver, your insurance company may find out. If there's damage to the other car the driver may call his insurance company, which may in turn call yours. Even a trip to the repair shop may alert your insurance company. Repair garages often share databases and allow insurance companies to access them. Remember that each state has laws that require you to report damages over a given amount or that cause injury or death to the motor vehicle department. Once it's reported your insurance company has access to the accident record.