How to Calculate the Value of an EE Bond

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EE bonds are government sponsored savings certificates. They can be purchased at banks, from the U.S. Treasury at and through payroll savings plans. Paper EE bonds are sold at a cost of half the face amount, meaning a $50 bond initially cost $25. Bonds issued after April, 2005 have interest added every month. Earlier bonds earn interest twice a year. The current value of an EE bond cannot be calculated by hand.

Go to the savings bond calculator on the U.S. Treasury website at

Select the denomination or face amount of the EE bond using the pull down menu. This is the value printed on the bond, not the cost.

Enter the serial number and issue date of the bond in the appropriate boxes on the calculator. A bond's serial number is in the lower right corner of the bond.

Click on the blue "Calculate" button below the calculator data box. The current value of the bond will be immediately listed.


  • The Treasury Direct website will let you store your EE bond information as a personal inventory. Then you can easily check the value of the bonds at any time. The bond value will be less than the denomination unless the bond is very old. EE bonds are sold at a discount and accumulate interest until they reach the face amount.


  • Bond cashed less than one year after issue will forfeit all interest earned. Bonds cashed in the first five years after issue will lose three months worth of interest.


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