How to Calculate Series EE

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A safe and effective way of saving money and earning interest is by purchasing United States Series EE savings bonds. Series EE savings bonds earn fixed or variable interest, depending on what year they were issued. You can check the current value of your bond at any time by using the Department of Treasury's United States Savings Bond calculator.

Navigate to the TreasuryDirect website. TreasuryDirect is the website of the United States Treasury that allows you to calculate savings bond values (see Resources).

Click the link for "Individuals." Clicking this link will take you a menu of options from which you can choose regarding a variety of United States Treasury programs.

Click "Price your savings bonds" link. This will take you to a "Tools" menu. Once here, click the link for "Savings Bonds Calculator." This will bring you to a page that explains how the calculator works.

Click the "Get Started" link. Clicking this link will take you to the "Savings Bond Calculator."

Enter your bond information and click "CALCULATE." The bond calculator requires that you enter the Series type, the amount of the bond, the bond's serial number, and the date of issue. Once all of this information is entered into the bond calculator and you click the "CALCULATE" button, the value of your bond will be shown on the page.