How to Buy Sasol Shares

How to Buy Sasol Shares
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Buying Sasol shares involves knowing what the company does, how to physically trade and what you should expect. Because Sasol is an international company, it’s traded on two different exchanges.


According to the Sasol website, the company was founded in South Africa in 1950 to help turn coal into crude oil. Since then, Sasol has expanded into a diversified energy company with offices around the world.


Sasol trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SSL and on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as ticker symbol SOL. Sasol also has debt investors who’ve bought bonds and commercial paper of the company.



Sasol shares are purchased in a brokerage account. Investors decide between a market price to buy the shares immediately, or a limit order which triggers when shares reach a predetermined price. Trades are placed online or through licensed brokers.



Because Sasol is an international energy firm on two exchanges, exchange rates and oil prices may affect share prices for the stock. This adds a layer of complexity when trading Sasol stock.