How to Buy a Prepaid Visa Card

Prepaid Visa cards have rapidly become more commonplace. These credit cards allow a person who does not possess a traditional credit card to purchase merchandise or services just like using the traditional Visa card. By adding funds to your account, you’ll be ready to start using your Visa card. There is a fee charged by these issuers in order to purchase a Visa card. You can use your new Visa card at any merchant or service provider that accepts traditional Visa credit cards. Unfortunately, prepaid card issuers do not usually report your good credit line to credit reporting agencies. Buying a prepaid Visa card can open many opportunities for merchandise, service providers and online purchases.

Purchase a prepaid Visa card either online (see Resources for one suggestion) or at a participating retail store. The Visa card issuer will charge you a relatively low fee for issuing the card to you.

Register your Visa card in your name online or by telephone and establish an online account with the Visa card issuer.

Activate your Visa new card in the manner that the issuer requires, usually by registering online or by telephone.

Create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to use your Visa card at most ATMs.

Start purchasing with your new Visa card. You can add money anytime by reloading funds into your Visa card account.


  • You may encounter problems using your Visa card when you try to use it as a security deposit (for example, rental cars) or prepayment of gas at service stations because the amount required could be in excess of your available credit on the card. You should promptly report any lost or stolen cards immediately and file a claim with the company that issued your Visa card. In the event that you suffer from unauthorized use by someone else, most Visa issuers will not charge you for fees and will refund your money.


  • Some Visa card issuers limit the time within which you must use the card. After that time, your available balance will be reduced to zero.