How to Buy GE Corporate Bonds

General Electric is a Fortune 100 company and global manufacturing conglomerate. It maintains divisions in the manufacture of appliances, aviation products, consumer products, electrical distribution, energy, health care, lighting, media and entertainment, oil and gas, rail, software and water. Additionally, GE also has a large finance division that provides customers with credit to facilitate purchases.

Open a Brokerage Account

Read the bond's prospectus. The prospectus is a legally-required statement of potential investment risks. Your broker should be able to provide you with one in person, or you can download one from your broker's web site. Reputable brokerages will not sell you a stock or bond without first making a prospectus available to you.

Read the GE Annual Report

You can download the annual report from GE's investor relations website, or just click on the appropriate link in References.

Get a Quote

Log in to your brokerage Web site. Look for the trading symbols GEA, GED, GEC, GER, GEG, GEP and GEPRA. These are GE's "Baby Bonds," which are unsecured bonds issued by the General Electric Capital Corporation. You can buy these with a low par value of $25, which makes them much more accessible to small investors than the typical $1,000 par value normally found in bond markets.