How to Buy Ford Stock Online

Having built the first production-line automobile, Ford is America's car company. However, due the economic turmoil as of late that has adversely affected many American companies, the price of Ford stock is unbelievably low right now. With the company committed developing and releasing hybrid and energy efficient vehicles, now is probably the ideal time to invest in Ford stock.

Sign up with a reputable stock broker. These include Charles Schwab, Scott's Trade and E-Trade. Review all of their trading fees and minimum account balances before signing up.

Log into your broker account. Go to the symbol look up search bar and type in "F," which stands for Ford. Press enter. Its asking price and how it has done over the last few days and months will now be given.

Click "Trade" to bring up the trading options menu.

Enter in the symbol once more, which would be "F." Select the "Buy" radio button. Enter in the number of shares you want to buy and select "Market Order."

Click "Review Order." A confirmation screen will come up with Ford's newly updated price. Click "Order" if you are happy with the price or refresh the screen to see if the price will go down in your favor.


  • You may only trade on a standard account from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Study Ford's price trends from month to month to get a feeling of what it is going to do. Depending on what brokerage firm you use, there will be transaction fees when you buy and sell a stock.


  • The stock market is a risky venture, and it is similar to gambling