How to Buy Food on a Shoestring Budget

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Planning ahead, knowledge of the sale schedule of a grocery store and the strategic use of coupons can yield a grocery shopper the ability to stretch their food budget as much as possible. Also, a conversation with the store manager about their markdown schedule for fresh fruit and meats can lead to even more savings.

Create Your Budget

Prior to shopping each month, make sure you know the money allotted in your budget for grocery shopping. Calculate how much you have to spend per month and divide it by the total number of trips you will need to make in a month. This will give you your budget per trip.

Select the Right Store

Research the sales ads for each grocery store in your area. Some grocery stores offer deeper savings than others, especially those specializing in surplus or salvage foods. Make sure to choose the store in your area with the cheapest overall prices.

Grocery Store Sale Cycle

Most items, excluding seasonal and specialty items, go on sale at the grocery store at least once every 6 weeks, according to Bankrate. Plan your shopping by only purchasing items on sale. Use coupons from the Sunday paper or online to get a bigger discount.


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