Creating a Monthly Rental Statement for Tenants

Creating a Monthly Rental Statement for Tenants
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Landlords create monthly rental statements for their tenants as a way to itemize fees concerning the rent for the apartment and other miscellaneous items. This allows the tenant to see what she owes in rent, parking permit fees, security deposits and service repairs to the apartment. The landlord uses the monthly rental statement to keep his accounting books accurate on paid and still pending amounts. As a landlord, you can create a simple monthly rental statement for your tenants along with a remittance slip that the tenant can use to submit payments.

Open your spreadsheet application or other software where you can create table charts. Choose a program that you or your staff, who handles the clerical and payment duties, can access and use with ease. Place your name as the landlord at the top of the statement form along with the address and phone number. If you go by a company name, use this instead of your real name.

Type the tenant's name and address on the form. If you have given each tenant a special identification or account number to make recordkeeping easier, include this number on the form.

Create columns and rows on the statement. Place in headers for the date of when the charges took place, a description for charges, rent, parking fees, and utilities that the tenant will make payments for. Include an amount due and a total amount due.

Create a remittance slip that the tenant can include with her payments. Type in the address where the tenant will send the payment and the name of the landlord or business that you want the tenant to write on the check or money order. Include a box for the date, total amount due for rent and the payment amount the tenant will enclose.

Save the file in your records where you keep a log of tenants' payments. Print out two copies of the monthly rental statement. Send one copy to the tenant. Keep the other copy in a folder for impending payments until you receive the tenant's rent. You can also refer to this statement if rent is late or you need to make additional copies if the tenant claims to not have received her monthly statement.