How to Avoid Paying Rent

by braniac ; Updated July 27, 2017

Yikes ! The rent is due and you don't have the money. What to do now? Take heart. This article will show you several crafty ways to avoid paying rent.

Step 1

Avoid paying rent by being acutely aware of the date. Don't lose track because if you do, you may just be unprepared when the rent due date rolls around. Then, there you'll be with mouth agape when the landlord comes to call.

Step 2

Being fully armed with the due date of your rent payment; plan to be away. This ideally will be for the 3 days prior to the due date and a minimum of 5 days AFTER the rent due date has past. The landlord will SURELY forget that the rent is past due.

Step 3

Put your cell phone on vibrate or silent. This way you won't inadvertently answer when it rings, forgetting that your landlord will be calling for your rent. Unplug the land line phone entirely. It's nothing more than a glorified paper weight anyway.

Step 4

Know what your landlord drives for a vehicle ! He likely knows where you live and when you don't answer his phone calls; will be coming by for a friendly visit to collect the rent due. Recognizing his vehicle; and even better, the SOUND of it, will give you a good head start for the back door.

Step 5

When the EVICTION NOTICE gets put on your door; pretend you have a slight learning disability. This tactic will buy you at least an understanding vote and maybe an extra few days. Right ? Take it down and discard. The landlord is just kidding anyway.


  • When a tenant chooses to use any of these tactics to avoid paying the rent; it's humorous generally only in HINDSIGHT. The landlord has bills to pay regarding the rental property and a tenant should respect this and pay in a timely manner. If they cannot, they should also be prepared (physically and mentally) to vacate the premises.... with no avoidance tactics !


  • Although some of these tactics work for awhile; they aren't indefinite. As a renter, you don't own this property and therefore do not have the right to stay if you don't pay as determined in your rental or lease agreement.