How to Ask People For Money

It's easier then you might think, but when life throws you a curve and you find yourself in a tight spot financially, there is nothing wrong with asking people for money.

Just ask. You have nothing to lose. They will say yes or no and then move on. If you can ask them face to face, this is the best, but you can also do it through mail, email, over the phone, or in a text. Once you ask a couple people, it does get easier.

Give something in return. It's easier to ask people for money when you have something you can give them in return. If you can give them something you've made or created in exchange for their gift, do it. You could give them an hour of your time or something that won't cost you anything.

Be creative. I saw a video on YouTube once where a guy asked people for money to buy a new computer. The catch was that if he could raise 5000 for his new computer, he would blow up his old computer and record it to post up on YouTube. He raise the 5k and I've seen the video of him blowing up his old computer. Good Luck!