How to Apply for Public Assistance in Atlanta, Georgia

How to Apply for Public Assistance in Atlanta, Georgia
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Atlanta, Georgia residents can apply for public assistance at the Georgia Department of Human Services. This program provides help to qualifying households with a monthly stipend to assist them to pay for food or household bills. The state defines a household as a group of people living in the same home, buying and preparing meals together. Georgia public assistance consists of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, food stamps and Medicaid. Your household must have limited income and resources to qualify for public assistance.

Visit the Georgia Department of Human Services' Common Point of Access To Social Services at the website. Read and familiarize yourself with the application process.

Click the "Am I Eligible?" clipboard image. Follow and complete all steps and answer all questions, as this process will determine your eligibility for public assistance.

Go back to the home page and choose the option to apply for benefits. Complete all required information on the application and click "Submit." This process will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes. When you submit the application, the system will ask you to set up a user name and password.

Log in to check your account status on a daily basis to receive any updates. Wait to receive notification of any additional information needed, application errors and your approval or denial. Allow at least 30 days for your public assistance application to process.


  • Call 1-800-869-1150 if you need special assistance, you don't have access to the Internet or if you desire to complete the public assistance application by phone.