How to Apply for Grant Money as a Single Mom

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Life as a single mom can be difficult, and making ends meet can be an ongoing struggle. If you find yourself needing help, there are grants available to single moms and low-income individuals. The Pell Grant pays for higher education. The Jeannette Rankin Foundation awards annual grants for ongoing education and caters to single mothers. Housing grants are provided through Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and there may be private grants available through foundations in your community.

Organize all of your paperwork, which should include birth certificates, picture ID's, Social Security cards, all financial information and letters of reference. Keep these items in a folder with any grant applications you may be in the process of completing. Most applications will generally ask for the same information, so be sure you have copies available of any supporting paperwork.

Scour the Internet for any grants you may not be aware of. There are plenty of websites geared toward single mothers and most of them have forums. Join a forum to become aware of what grants others in your situation have benefited from. and are good websites to try.

Make calls to your local Women's Resource Centers and community foundations to inquire about any grants the may be available through them. These often consist of education grants and business start-up grants. Your local Chamber of Commerce can help you find your community resource centers.

Gather your grant applications and pay attention to any deadlines. If you've found a website that offers a grant, the application will usually be a downloadable PDF file that you can print out. You may have to send for one so be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request. Fill each out in their entirety and keep a copy for your records. Be aware of notification procedures and dates, and mark your calendar accordingly.

Follow through upon acceptance of any grants. Most will have stipulations as to how you are to spend the money and may require receipts. If you are awarded a grant from a local entity, there may be an acceptance ceremony to attend. Be sure to send "thank you" notes to any local organization you receive help from.