How to Apply to a Community College

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Students interested in local community colleges start the school year with different agendas. A number of community college students look to improve their grade averages before they apply to 4-year universities, while others are looking for associate degrees. You should determine your long-term educational goals before you apply to a community college.

Assess your registration level before you apply to a community college to help the admissions office. Community colleges have flexible schedules for part-time students who work full time, and you should indicate your need for part-time registration.

Contact the appropriate faculty for your desired program at a community college to speed up the application process. Community colleges that have specialized programs allow faculty a greater role in the admissions process to maintain program integrity.

Keep a list of application and supporting material deadlines near your admissions forms as you apply to a community college. You should complete your application at least 4 weeks before the deadline to allow sufficient time for review.

Lay out your short- and long-term educational goals in a personal statement to a community college. You should keep your personal statement to one page and write about a particular experience that has strengthened your educational resolve.

Fill out request forms for official transcripts from past schools to complete your community college application. You should request an official stamp to be placed on each transcript to certify that the school has printed the transcript.

Prepare to provide proof of income for the first year of your community college experience as part of your application. Community colleges need to know that a student has loans, scholarships and income sufficient to pay tuition before they accept an application.

Account for blank periods in your educational and work experience to show your reliability in an application. You should discuss any illnesses, long vacations, employment and other experiences that create gaps in your resume.

Show your academic aptitude to community college staff members by sending in official copies of standardized test scores. You need to review the minimum testing requirements for a community college, but most schools in the United States require SAT and ACT reports as part of an application.

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