How to Apply for an Aqua Credit Card

An aqua credit card is a MasterCard product designed for citizens and permanent residents of the United Kingdom. Unlike many credit cards, the aqua MasterCard is available to a wider profile of credit applicants, including those with a poor financial history or difficult-to-prove income. The typical interest rate of an aqua credit card is 35.9 percent as of 2009. Approved applicants receive a number of benefits such as additional cardholders and no annual fee. United Kingdom residents can apply for the aqua MasterCard online or request that a paper application be mailed.

Visit the aqua credit card application website (see Resources section below.) Alternatively, you can call the company, which is owned by Bank of Scotland, at 0845-601-0436.

Fill out either your online or paper application completely. You will be expected to answer questions about your identity, such as your full name, date of birth, address, and source of income. In addition, you must disclose whether you have ever been declared bankrupt, defaulted on a credit card account, or been sued for an unpaid debt.

Wait about 14 to 30 days to find out whether you were approved for an aqua MasterCard. If you are approved, you will receive a card agreement in the mail to sign. Denied applicants may wish to try again in six months to a year.


  • Remember that if you are uncomfortable applying for an aqua credit card online you can request a mailed application either online or over the telephone.


  • Do not apply for aqua or any other credit account for someone else without their permission. This is considered a crime in the United Kingdom and most other countries.