How to Find an Apartment in LA

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The Los Angeles metropolitan area is the second most populous area in the nation. With so many people living in LA, the right rental may be hard to come by. Begin your Los Angeles apartment hunt by deciding what you need in an apartment, then organize and conduct a search.

Choosing Must-Haves

Narrow your search by deciding on the "must-haves." If a prime location is the most important factor for your LA apartment, for example, expect to pay more for West Hollywood or Beverly Hills apartments. If amenities, rather than location, are important, you may be able to find more affordable apartments in outlying areas of the city that give you more for your money.

Working Your Resources

Use resources such as online subscription rental services to aid your apartment hunt. Contacting people you know in LA about possible apartment rental opportunities can also help, as they may have insider information about upcoming or unlisted rentals.



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