How to Address College Envelopes

by SaraHaley
Getting into the college of your choice means properly addressing your college application envelope.

When applying for college, it is important that you mail your application, high school transcripts and other pertinent information to the proper location on campus. Mailing your college application to the wrong place can cause your application to be delayed, or -- worse yet -- lost and unnoticed. Addressing your college envelope for your college application is an important step to attempting admissions into the college of your choice.

Check the college's website and locate their admissions and/or college application page. Check to see if they specify sending college applications to a specific address, whether it be an office location or post office box.

Locate the address by calling the college's main offices if you cannot locate a proper mailing address on the college's website. Ask if your application should be addressed attention to any specific office or individual.

Write the address on the envelope, in the middle of the envelope. Start with the college or university's name, followed by "Attn: Admissions Office" or attention to a particular person if that is what you discovered in the previous step. Then write the street address and/or PO Box address, followed by the city, state and zip code.

Write the return address (your mailing address) on the upper lefthand corner of the envelope.

Place the appropriate value of stamps on the upper righthand corner of the envelope. If you are mailing the envelope via certified mail, priority mail or other specialized service, take the package to the post office to ensure it is sent correctly.

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