How to Address a College Application Envelope

by Maggie McCormick
Properly address your college application envelope to ensure it gets there on time.

Applying for college can be a stressful experience. Everything counts during the application process, including properly addressing your college application envelope. To do this, you will need an envelope that is large enough to contain the entire application and the address for the college's office of admissions.

Find out the address for the office of admissions. This may be on the application itself; if not you should be able to find it on the college's website or by calling the college directly.

Write your return address in the top left corner. Use a black or blue in pen; other colors do not look as professional.

Address the envelope. Start with the college name on the first line. Below that, write "Office of Admissions" or whatever the correct name for admissions office is. On the third line, write the college address (or the P.O. box number). On the fourth line, write the city and state, separated by a comma, followed by the zip code.

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