How to Add Gratuity

How to Add Gratuity
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It's customary to tip whoever performs a personal service, such as styling your hair, cleaning your home or serving you in a restaurant. A tip is also known as a gratuity. How much you tip depends on the type of service. The most common occasion to tip is when you eat out. Tip the waiter at least 15 percent. Add the amount to your bill.

Note the total bill total and decide how much to tip, from 10 to 20 percent.

If your check at a diner comes to $10, let's say, multiply that by the gratuity percentage. This is the tip. In the example, $10 times 15 percent equals $1.50.


Add the tip to the bill. In the example, $10 plus $1.50 equals $11.50.



  • When tipping a waiter, you can usually double the amount of the sales tax on your bill to find a proper gratuity.