How to Access My Employment Insurance Account

Chances are good that your employer maintains some sort of insurance policy on you, whether it is a life insurance policy, a disability policy, a health insurance policy or all three. These policies are generally provided as fringe benefits, and with the exception of health insurance, many employees may not even realize that this coverage is in place. To make the most of the policies you own, it is important to obtain and review your coverage. This will help you make the right decision when it comes time to purchase additional insurance coverage for yourself and your family.

Contact your company's human resources department to determine what type of insurance coverage you have as part of your employment. The human resources representative should have information about the coverage you hold, as well as which companies administer that coverage.

Get the policy numbers for each insurance policy you own. Your human resources representative should have them.

Contact the insurance company that administers your insurance coverage. Most of the time, the company you work for will use a third-party company to administer the insurance coverage it provides to employees.

Ask the insurance company for a copy of your insurance policy. Review the policy carefully to determine how much additional insurance coverage you need. If you already have life insurance and disability coverage, that will lower the amount of additional coverage you will need to purchase.


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